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General FAQ

Links Indexer is an ideal and priceless Link Crawling and Indexing best for the expert or to the starter website admins. Any individual who possesses or deals with a site can exploit our Unique services to get his pages or backlinks indexed.

With the capacity to drive Search Engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks, Links Indexer is an exceptional incentive for anybody hoping to work on their website ranking.

Links Indexer is a great addition to SEO and LinkBuilding companies or individuals who can provide it as extra bonus to their clients!
We allow all legal sites and non blacklisted websites. Our system will automatically delete blacklisted websites from campaigns.
Our service works fine on any kind of websites, pages and backlinks. As long as it is a published page online, it will work. Also make sure the sites meta tag is set to indexing and do not block bots and crawlers.
If You want Google to find your links just submit them to Us!

Absolutely not!

Our service is setup so that it leaves zero footprints and is absolutely safe, using purely legal and whitehat tactics.
We use wide range of domains for link shortening. All sites are hosted on different IPs. We use multiple private and public proxies to do the pinging!
We purge all Campaigns after 7 days of their completion. Basically, there is no value for You to keep the links more than that. By that time Your links were 100% crawled, spidered a couple of times, and whichever was classified as quality by the Search Engines is indexed.

Besides that, purging old and unnecessary information helps us maintain server stability, performance and reliability. That keeps our service running smooth and provides You with high-quality results!

Indexing FAQ.

Many people do not understand what exactly these two words mean and what is the exact difference between them.

CRAWLING is every time the automated bots (spiders) of the Search Engines that gather information from the web visit a web page. This is the first important thing for every new page. If a web page is never visited by a spider it means it remains undiscovered and never will have a chance to be indexed. Links Indexer services provide You a maximum crawl rate of all Your pages submitted to us!

INDEXING is including a web page in the Search Engines` index and showing it up in search results. Indexing can only happen if a web page is firstly crawled by the Search Engine spiders. After the crawl the Search Engine itself evaluates the page and if it consider it valuable, it indexes it. As You probably understand only the Search Engine itself can control should it index the page or no.

No one can give You a guarantee that a page will be indexed, nor We do as well. Everyone giving You a 100% guarantee on the Indexing is simply lying You. Such a guarantee can only be given by the Search Engine itself and no-one else. However, during our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our methodologies included in Links Indexer's service, We have been monitoring Indexing range from 50%~95% of all pages submitted to Us!
As explained already in "What is difference between CRAWLING and INDEXING?" no one can give You a guarantee on Indexing. No one, period! We want You to clearly understand that!

From our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our very same methodologies and tracking the indexing percentage We have been monitoring Indexing to a rate of 70% to 95%. It all depends on the pages being submitted for having better chance to be indexed or not. Thats why and the Indexing rate vary by whole 25%.
It is very dangerous to build a large amount of links to your site at once, and if you do you run a big risk of hitting the Google Sandbox. To help maximize results and minimize the chance of getting blocked by Google, we allow you to specify exactly how fast Google learns about your links. You can set up how many days you wish to spread the process. We default it to after 24 hours.

How to calculate number of days?:
(Total number of links) ÷ (Drip-feed number of days) = Daily Indexed Backlinks

Pricing FAQ.

Paypal is our main payment processor. You can purchase Links Indexer subscription using Your Paypal balance or pay directly with your Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, E-check.

Our backup payment processor is BTCPAY through which You can again pay by any major crypto currency!

In case You are not able to pay via any of the methods above, ot You just like to Pay with alternate method, simply Contact Us and let Us know how You would like to pay!
We do not accept automatic monthly or annual payments. When a MONTHLY OR YEARLY plan is purchased and the term has passed, the money is not automatically taken out until you have authorized it with custom payments. If the time period is up, your account will simply display "Subscription Expired" so you can choose a new plan and keep using our services.
Links Indexer do not accept automatic payments. So it's very simple to cancel your service. You can just simply switch your plan from PAID plan to a FREE plan on the pricing page.
Simply delete your account from the dashboard's account settings page.
In case You need to submit more than 50K sites a day, the simplest solution is to get another account.

However if You want everything to be within one account, You can simply Contact Us and lets discuss the limits You need!

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